Institute Management Simplified

Vargache Features

Enquiry Management

a. Add Enquiry & Follow up
b. Enquiry entry from Tablet at Reception Free Add on
c. Bulk Enquiry from Excel

Admission Management

a. Add New Admission
b. Add Admission from Enquiry
c. Add Admission for Existing Student
d. Manage Cancellations, Refunds

Fees Management

a. Comprehensive Cheque Management
b. Comprehensive PDC Management
c. Send Payment acknowledgements, Outstanding reminders

GST Ready

a. Reverse calculation of GST at Receipt entry level
b. GST Collection report


a. Notify your students with ease.

b. Auto SMS on New Enquiry, New Admission, New Receipt

c. Send Outstanding Reminders


Enquries, Admissions, Collection, Fees, Outstanding, Cheques Dishounoured, Refund, Deposits, Discount.


a. You decide what options are shown to each user
b. You decide which location / Branches data is shown to each user
c. You decide if you want your users to access Vargache from your branch only or from outstide branch
d. Our servers are managed by dedicated team


We Respect individuality below are some areas Vargache provides customization
a. Admission charges headings can be customized
b. Customization of Admission form
c. You decide your invoice prefix

*Not included in Essential Package

Time Table Management

Developed under the guidance of experienced faculties, you will love to use Vargache Time table management for its Simplicity, Practical Approach & Presentation.

*Not included in Essential Package

Vargachi Attendance

We offer RFID and Biometric based Attendance Management.

*Not included in Essential Package

Integrated Website

Which Communicates with your Software.

Integrated App.

iOS & Android apps to rev up your Institute branding & functioning

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